The Adventures of Superman

The Adventures of Superman - Superman #22

The Man of Steel winged his way into yet another medium with George Lowther’s “The Adventures of Superman.” This ad, from SUPERMAN (1939) #22 promotes the book, which was the first full-length novel featuring the character. The book also contained several spot illustrations, both in color and black and white, by Superman co-creator Joe Shuster.

Tell her to stop!

"Cinderella -- a la Superman" - Action Comics #59

Historical note: Just three days after the release of this issue, the fifth Superman cartoon produced by Famous Studios was released, having taken over production from Fleischer Studios. It was the 14th short overall in the series. The short, titled “The Mummy Strikes,” is now in the public domain and can be downloaded at the Internet Archive.

First, a little more investigation.

"One Second to Live" - World's Finest Comics #9

This story marks a historic moment in the Man of Steel’s publishing history: the first Superman comic book story not credited as being written by co-creator Jerry Siegel. Taking up writing duties for this story is Batman co-creator, and someone who will be showing up quite often down the road, Bill Finger.