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Ohhh! The lights!

(The Fake Pendant) - Superman #39


Superman gets mixed up in everything!

Flesicher cartoons promo - Action Comics #54

This ad from Action Comics (1938) #54 again uses the Jack Burnley-drawn cover to Superman (1939) #19 to promote the “Superman, Matinee Idol” story from that issue and it’s tie to the Fleischer Studios Superman cartoons. Figures likely drawn by Whitney Ellsworth.

Boy! Is Clark Kent In Trouble!!!

Fleischer cartoons/"Superman, Matinee Idol" promo 2 - Action Comics #53

This second ad from ACTION COMICS (1938) #53, further promoted “Superman, Matinee Idol,” including giving a sneak peak of the Jack Burnley cover to SUPERMAN (1939) #19 and giving a hint about the story’s plot. Figures in the ad likely illustrated by Whitney Ellsworth, who also was nearing the end of this tenure as editor of the Superman titles.